When setting a table for a baby shower I like to first decide the way the meal or appetizers will be served. Sometimes I like my guests to sit down together around the table to eat. But sometimes it’s easier to do it buffet style so guests are free to walk around and socialize..


Here are some tips for a buffet style baby shower setting…

  • Choose the colors and theme of your baby shower.
  • Choose the space like a counter top or table top to decorate and serve your food from.
  • Decide which color or colors you would like as your base or tablecover. You could use placemats, doiles, a tablecover or all three.
  • Now decide the order you would like things layed out for guests to gather their plates, cutlery, cups, napkins and food.
  • Then place your centerpiece in a place that doesn‚Äôt interfere with the food and tableware. I like to use balloons tied to a balloon weight as a centerpiece that way the centerpiece won‚Äôt take up too much room on the table and you‚Äôll have more room for the yummy food!
  • When laying out the food and tableware it looks great to put things at different heights. For example‚Ķ Put the stack of napkins on a plastic pedestal tray then the plates on a taller pedestal etc.
  • Sprinkle baby shower confetti all over the table (do this before you put the food out so it doesn‚Äôt get on the food).


I like to do things basically the same as the buffet style table but it will be a little different because your place settings will need to be put exactly where you want people to sit. Here are some tips and ideas.

  • Use paper placemats in your color theme.
  • Use cute baby shower place card holders.
  • Place a baby shower favor at each place setting. Clear plastic booties or bottles make great candy holders for favors. Tulle favor bags are also perfect.
  • Layer the plates at each table. Place a larger, solid colored plate underneath a 7" or 9" patterned plate.
  • Put napkins inside of the cups with the napkin showing at the top.
  • Don‚Äôt forget a matching tableskirt!