Tis the season for giving.

simple christmas gift wrapping: butcher paper, baker's twine, and washi tape.

Get baker’s twine here.

Get washi tape here.

Butcher paper is available in stores for 57¢/yard!

Happy wrapping!

This weather calls for warm cider.

warm cinnamon apple cider in mini mason jars ❄︎

Get these mini mason jars here.

Paper Mache Block Letters

paper mache block letters

We just got these twelve inch paper mache block letters and we couldn’t be more excited!  They are cute on their own, or ready to be glittered, leafed, painted, and washi taped by you!

Get them here.

Ghost Vanilla Milkshakes

This Halloween treat is not only adorable, but super easy to make!

vanilla ghost milkshakes

Things you will need:

milk bottles (also available at any Zurchers location)

purple sprinkles (also available at any Zurchers location)

black chocolate melts (available at Zurchers)

halloween paper straws (available at Zurchers)

vanilla ice cream


whipped cream

1. Melt the chocolate and paint a ghost face on the inside of the milk bottles.  (I used a chop stick).  Wait for the chocolate to harden.  You can put them in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes if you’d like.

2. Pour the sprinkles into a small shallow bowl.  Moisten the rims of the glasses with water and dip into the sprinkles.

3. Mix your vanilla ice cream and milk into desired milkshake consistency.  Pour into milk bottles.

4. Top with some whipped cream and a paper straw!


idea from martha stewart online

Ten non-food trick-or-treat options.

Food is complicated these days.  And whether it’s a health issue or lifestyle choice, most moms probably aren’t thrilled about each of their kids hauling home a 5 pound bag of sugary, cavity-causing, hyperactivity-inducing candy on Halloween night.  Plus, not only is candy bad for you, its EXPENSIVE!  In order for your treats to compete or even stay relevant, you’re lookin at $20 plus per bag!!  So instead of thinking bigger or better, let’s just think different.  These favors are the perfect alternative to candy and are just as (if not more) exciting.  Some of them are even a little nostalgic.

give favors to trick or treaters instead of candy

Everything you see here can be found at our Halloween Superstore locations.  Happy haunting!

You can also get spider rings here.

And vampire teeth here.

Washi Tape Cupcake Toppers

These are so simple, and add just the right amount of cute to your cupcakes.  Simply fold some washi tape around the tip of toothpicks and cut into flag shapes with scissors.

cupcake toppers with washi tape and toothpicks

get washi tape here

we used black mesh trendy tape